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NAB disregarded own rules over new director-general’s appointment: report

NAB disregarded own rules over new director-general's appointment: report
A view of the National Accountability Bureau office in Islamabad
  • A NAB spokesman said the rules could be relaxed by competent authorities and done in this case.
  • NAB has appointed Jamil Ahmad for relaxation of its rules as recommended by NAB Chairman Judge Javed Iqbal to Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  • Sources object under rules of business and policy and the Estacode, say NAB chairman not authorised to move a summary for prime minister.

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has relaxed its own rules to replace a retired BS-22 government employee on board as its new director-general, according to a directive from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The NAB, which has been investigating cases whenever laws have been disregarded in official appointments, has now appointed its new DG, Jamil Ahmad “by a ban on open advertising”, with appointments based on a one-year contract subject to all legal alternatives, according to NAB Chairman Recommendations Justice Javed Iqbal to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

When asked, a NAB spokesman said Ahmad’s appointment was made in the interest of the office as the new DG nominee has extensive experience, which will help improve the ability of the anti-graft watchdog.

“The rules can be relaxed by the competent authority and the same has been done in this case,” he said.

Official sources, however, have argued that under business and policy rules and Estacode, the NAB chairman is not authorized to submit a PM summary. Such a summary had to be removed by the provincial legal secretary as he was the one in charge of the senior management of the relevant service.

Under the rules, a ministerial-led committee comprising the relevant secretary and the head of the department of appointment, as well as the relevant joint secretariat, should review the candidates and make recommendations to the Prime Minister after due process and advertisement.

In this case, a retired civil servant was contracted directly by the NAB chairman after a policy was relaxed by the prime minister. The committee, as assigned to Estacode, has not been formed and has not reviewed the matter.

The sources said the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in the case of Hajj corruption, had barred the appointment of contractors to senior positions. It is alleged that the retired officer has no experience in investigating or committing crimes involving the economy.

The appointment, it is said, also raises ethical questions as to why such a critical burden – in which the official will be investigating and prosecuting the Prime Minister’s opponents’ cases – is given to a contracting officer, who also has a one-year term. Instead of giving a two-year contract as stipulated in the policy, he is given a one-year contract to stay “daily betting”, the source said.

On November 22, the NAB chairman presented the prime minister’s summary of the relaxation of the rules needed to appoint a DG based on a contract with the Bureau.

In his summary, the chairman explained that NAB is committed to eradicating corruption and corrupt practices through a comprehensive approach to awareness, prevention, and enforcement. He added that there were some inquiries and investigations involving billions of rupees still pending at the NAB, in addition to ongoing court cases of corruption.

The NAB chairman said most of the DG (BS21) vacancies were vacant at the Bureau for a long time. “Considering the high-level emergencies and the importance of specific cases/investigations, the vacancies of the DG need to be filled by high-level professionals and relevant information.”

To address these “emergencies”, the NAB chairman referred to the Prime Minister a delegation of three retired officials, including Jamil Ahmad, a retired BS-22 official from Pakistan’s administrative service; M Altaf Bawany, retired NS BS-21 official, and Mujahid Akbar Baloch, retired NS BS-20.

While addressing the panel with their CVs, the chairman recommended the appointment of Jamil Ahmad, who according to Javed Iqbal has a wide range of experience working in various public sector departments and has held various key positions.

“His one-year contract at NAB, however, will require a relaxation of open advertising in terms of section 1 (iv) of Establishment Division’s O.M. today 06-05-2000, ”the summary reads, adding that” therefore the authorization of the prime minister is requested to withdraw the condition of the open advertisement for the appointment of Jamil Ahmad, a retired BS-22 official as director-general. at NAB on a one-year contract, subject to all legal exceptions ”.

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