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Horror as ‘feisty and determined’ girl, 9, needed brain surgery after sudden collapse

Sarah Moore found her daughter Millie, who she described as “feisty and determined”, “lifeless” in their home in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, on July 21. The horrific incident occurred on the last day of school before the summer holidays and came out of nowhere.

Ms Moore told the Liverpool Echo: “It was the last day of school before the summer holidays and Millie had been okay all day. She vomited quite severely in the kitchen so I moved her down to the toilet. She was acting quite erratically in her behaviour.

“She started screaming ‘I’m sorry’ and I was like ‘Why are you apologising? We all get sick at times.’ Her behaviour turned a bit and it was all quite bizarre.”

Worried that her daughter was suffering from something serious, Ms Moore went upstairs to grab her phone and call an ambulance – only to find her daughter collapsed on the floor when she returned. She suspected the nine-year-old was having a seizure when she started to kick her legs.

Millie’s breath was unresponsive and her breathing was extremely shallow. Ms Moore was told she would have to wait for over an hour for an ambulance and so drove herself, bare-footed, to the Counter of Chester hospital.

A CT scan determined Millie had suffered a significant bleed on her brain.

Ms Moore said: “One of the nurses made a lot of calls to specialists and people were turning up in jeans and jumpers from home so at that point we knew it was really serious. She was put in an induced coma and transferred to Alder Hey for emergency surgery.

“We got told if she didn’t have the surgery she’d die because the pressure in her brain was too much. They fitted a drain into her brain to release the pressure and drain off the blood but the following morning they told us the pressure hadn’t come down to where it needed to be.”

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Millie was eventually allowed home after 13 days, having celebrated her 10th birthday while in hospital. She has a follow-up appointment lined up for next week and will have regular scans in the future.

Ms Moore said she is now making an “unbelievable recovery”, adding: “For two days I convinced myself I was going to lose her but the operation went well.”

The mother said she had been told Millie might have brain damage and be a “different person” to who she was before, but said “she’s actually the same”, adding: “she’s bouncing around everywhere at the moment like she was before.” Ms Moore is now keen to raise awareness of AVMs after being “traumatised” by the event, saying she would “like to find someone who has also experienced it at such a young age to see how they’ve been going forward because I guess my only concern at the moment is recurrence because it can redevelop.”


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