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Nigel Farage gives Suella Braverman ‘a fair win’

On Tuesday, former attorney general Suella Braverman was appointed Home Secretary in Prime Minister Liz Truss’ first cabinet. Ms Braverman had earlier called for Britain to pull out of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which was used to stop the attempted deportation flight to Rwanda, in order to allow the scheme to go ahead.

With a new Cabinet in place, the GB news host along with Nigel Farage hoped that the new Home Secretary will take the matter forward but “very quickly” as there is “no honeymoon period”.

Mr Farage said: “If I had been a Tory MP, I would have voted for her (Liz Truss), no question about it because when she says stuff, she actually means it. It’s genuine and it’s real.

“What we don’t know about Liz Truss is how much is convection and how much is telling the electorate what they wanted to hear, in this case, Tory party members.”

However, he had some reservations about the fact that Ms Truss said nothing about the migrant crisis in her first address to Britain.

He said: “I am doing my utmost to give her a really good level of support in this first few days of premiership but when you stand outside No10, in your first day as a Prime Minister and you decide to use that to outline the three key areas you will deal with and you didn’t even mention the channel.

“You didn’t even mention illegal immigration. I have no doubt what Suella Braverman would like to do.

“I have no doubt what Priti Patel would have liked to do because Boris never cared about immigration.

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