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‘Rome doesn’t run out!’ Water companies slammed for ‘making huge profits’ as UK dries out

In an interview with, Professor Maslin explained that much of England was moving towards a more Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers but warm, wet winters. But in a year where the winter sees less rainfall, there would not be enough water for the summer months.

He said: “This drought is particularly bad because we actually had a dry winter as well.

“We’ve had 12 months of very dry conditions, which have pushed the infrastructure to breaking point because we don’t have enough reservoirs or stored water to deal with the water demand for south-east England.”

The worst drought Britain has ever faced was in 1976, which saw the driest period since records began in 1717, as well as low rainfall levels not seen since 1850. It saw the passing of the Drought Act, an emergency set of measures that not only banned hosepipes but allowed for water supply to be reduced.


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