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Train strikes: New dates announced for railway walk out

A row between union bosses and train operators has been going on for months, with the RMT union claiming workers are not being offered fair pay or conditions. Members of the union, who include a range of railway workers such as signallers and staff at stations, voted in favor of in May.

In June, train services around the UK were hit with disruption, when a three-day strike took place and 40,000 workers walked out.

Widespread delays and cancellations hit train routes, with the public forced to travel on reduced services.

Events such as Glastonbury and Armed Forces Day were impacted by the industrial action, but union bosses warned it would not be the last strike if a fair offer was not put forward.

Details of the latest strike were shared today by RMT on July 13, after it slammed Network Rail for suggesting a “paltry” offer to workers.

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He added: “We have been clear that we can only fund an increase from our own budgets, and the only way we can afford that is by modernizing working practices.

“The RMT’s rejection of our latest offer can only mean they want a pay increase to be funded either by more taxpayer support or higher passenger fares, neither of which we think is fair.”

The strike will cause disruption to people traveling to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on July 28.


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